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S‚Äčtupendous Entertainment Art Studio

Stupendous Entertainment Art Studio

Welcome to Stupendous Entertainment Art and Illustration Studios. Home of the the Stupendous (Super City) Web comic (as seen on Webtoon!). Keep up to date with the comic and other goodies that we have (such as a Legend of Zelda comic), and if you're a patron, there's even more goodies for you!

Comic Page of the Day

Super City: Confrontation: Page 3

A terrible nightmare or a haunting memory? Either way, it doesn't look good. If I had a dream like this, I'd talk to my therapist.

Every Day, A new comic page we are working on will be featured!

Stay up to date on the official Facebook page.

The comics are published primarily through Facebook and again posted here. Stay up to date with whats happening by subscribing to the Facebook page.