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S‚Äčtupendous Entertainment Animation

Stupendous Entertainment Animation

Welcome to Stupendous Entertainment Animation and Illustration Studios. Home of the the Stupendous (Super City) Web comic. Browse through our selection of comics and our animation, including a Zelda series, and Super Mario Bros. Smash.

Comic Page of the Day

Stupendous: Super City Chapter 1: Arrival

Get thrown into a world of excitement and danger, a world of superheroes, and dastardly villains. An island where superheroes exist. Join our main character, Joey Kasaras as Stupendous Man, as he takes on the evil Obamashu and saves his girlfriend Angela Hote.

Every Day, A new comic page we are working on will be featured!

Stay up to date on the official Facebook page.

The comics are published primarily through Facebook and again posted here. Stay up to date with whats happening by subscribing to the Facebook page.